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Candylab Toys

Beautifully Designed Premium Wooden Toy Cars & Trucks

The people at Candylab have a clear and enthusiastic mission: to make the absolute best wooden toy vehicles on the market. They are gearheads, designers, engineers, parents, and have all banded together to become toymakers, with an unflinching commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Early on in their budding years, they centered around a few core principles. They believe in the extensive use of natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and steadfast adherence to principles of the mid-century pioneers of modern design: great design should be attainable, and not reserved to luxury status.  Throw in some deep love for vintage automotive design, and the Candylab DNA was born, loved by children and collectors alike.

Fast forward to today and they've built a faithful following around the world. Discerning parents equally saturated with the forgettable mass-market plastic toys, collectors, and design buffs everywhere took notice.  Born on a 21st-century crowdfunding platform, young, energetic, and in love with what they do, they're on fire around the world, Europe to Canada, and Australia to the Middle East.
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