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Dutch Bikes, Trikes and Wooden Toys


Inspired by traditional Dutch bikes, Kinderfeets is a play on words for the Dutch word “kinderfiets,” which translates to “child’s bike.” From the outside, Kinderfeets’ bikes, trikes and other products may appear simple in design, but the purposeful characteristics of each one ensure child safety and low environmental impact.

Crafted with non-timber bamboo and/or birch wood, their balance bikes and trikes are suited with low step-through frames, adjustable seats, foot pegs, biodegradable tires and padded handlebars that guarantee comfort and stability.

“Why bamboo?” you might ask. Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Bamboo is extremely adaptable and resilient, grows incredibly fast and has the ability to self-regenerate! It also doesn’t require toxic chemicals or artificial pesticides for growth and maintenance, which makes it both toxin-free and more cost effective. In comparison to other hardwoods, it’s much more flexible (even though it has dense fibers) and it’s also pest resistant. When they’re not utilizing bamboo, they use sustainable birch wood – another fast-growing and eco-friendly option - or German beech wood from FSC-certified factories.

Other products like their Waldorf-Classroom-inspired Kinderboard offer little ones an active and imaginative play experience that is hard to beat! Their additional baby walkers, bike accessories and educational playthings inspire motor and cognitive skill development while also cultivating an appreciation for adventure.

Further environmentally-friendly practices like using non-toxic, water-based paints and lacquers, minimal packaging and recycled paper for product information not only help illustrate their sustainable business approach but also set children up for a lifetime of planet-friendly living. Furthermore, part of their annual profits is put toward Trees for the Future – a nonprofit organization that partners with businesses like theirs to plant trees and combat deforestation.

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