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Koko Cardboards

Creative Cardboard DIY Kits for Kids and Parents


Koko Cardboards is an eco-friendly brand that offers DIY kits, toys, and furniture, all made out of cardboard, and all made in Poland.

Their philosophy of a happy childhood is connected with back to the roots idea when time was more unplugged, and less was more. They believe their products will let your kids see the enchanted, magical world, full of possibilities through a piece of cardboard!

Their DIY Costume Collection is a parent's gateway to a magical time with their child. Each costume is a set of pieces that you must put together, and make your own decoration if you want. The costume brings a magnificent time together, with lots of fun!

Not all parents can be artistic, talented, creative, and always have an idea for what to do with their kids. Koko Cardboards give you a solution. Their easy step by step guide shows your kids that it is possible to make amazing things out of pure paper and that parents are able to do it with them, together.

They combine traditional hand-made manufacturing with the usage of very modern, specialized machines. They select materials for their products very carefully as they want them to be useful, beautiful, safe, and friendly for the planet.

Koko Cardboards mission is to care for the environment, hence, most of their materials come from recycling. They believe that every parental decision that they make, has a huge influence on society and everyday life. 

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