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Innovative Modular Toy System for Creative Play


Modu is an innovative and versatile building toy system that sparks creativity and imagination in children. With its unique modular design, Modu allows kids to construct and transform their creations into various forms, from animals to vehicles and beyond. The interlocking pieces of Modu provide endless possibilities for building and play, encouraging problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and fine motor development. 

MODU follows the tradition of Scandinavian toy design, where functionalism, sustainability and aesthetics are pride of place. They know that toys can clash with modern, minimalistic homes and that’s why their MODU blocks come in unobtrusive light grey. To give them a fun, contrasty ‘twist’ for the kids, they have chosen playful colors for the connecting elements of MODU.

MODU has been acclaimed by numerous design awards, including three prominent titles within the first year of launch.

Modu do their very best to select materials that are both high quality and secure a sustainable future. They use 100% recyclable ABS-plastic, non-toxic EVA-foam and CO2 friendly shipping as their way of producing the toy in a sustainable way. All materials are 100% phthalate- and BPA-free, and are continuously being tested and approved for kid's toys by means of the strict European Standard for Toys — EN71. As their materials are fully recyclable they encourage you to sort your MODU elements once you’re done with them.

Whether your child wants to build a towering structure or invent their own imaginative world, Modu offers a fun and engaging play experience. Explore the world of Modu and inspire your child's limitless creativity.

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