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Creative Sticker Kits and Educational Activities


Poppik is a creative and engaging brand that offers a wide range of sticker kits and educational activities for children. The Poppik Sticker Art is the art to create beautiful pictures with hundreds of stickers. A Poppik is a mosaic to complete with stickers. Put colorful stickers on a grid, following a numbered code. Little by little, a large image appears. The result is amazing, but it is very easy. This is the secret of Poppik success.

With Poppik, kids can explore their artistic side and develop essential skills through the joy of sticker art. Our Poppik kits feature captivating designs and colorful stickers that allow children to create beautiful mosaic-like artworks. From animals and nature to famous landmarks and works of art, Poppik offers a variety of themes to suit different interests. Whether it's fostering fine motor skills, enhancing creativity, or promoting cognitive development, Poppik products provide an enjoyable and educational experience for children of all ages. Join the Poppik community and unleash your child's imagination with our fun and interactive sticker kits.

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