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Twinville Wood Collection

Locally Handcrafted Wooden Toys


Behind the brand is a a Mom who couldn’t find what she wanted for her kids in terms of sustainable, non-plastic, good quality, and well priced toys. Together, the parents always enjoyed making things themselves. Jacque grew up doing woodwork, so it has always been a part of their lives. The couple started playing around and making toys for their twins. People started asking where they got the wooden toys from and it was always quite surprising for people to hear "Oh, we just made it".

The Twinville Wood Collection products are locally handcrafted wooden toys that have an element of “play & learn” in them. None of the toys they make have only one function. Children are encouraged to use their imagination with the toys and encourage free play. So one toy might have many different functions, depending who plays with it or what other toys are involved. These toys are pieces that can be handed down from one generation to the next, and they are built to last.

The couple find it inspiring that in their own small way they can make a difference in the footprint they leave on Mother Earth. With their products they are helping many households do the same. There is nothing better to see how happy customers are when they receive the products and how their children enjoy playing with it, and even how grown ups enjoy playing with it. They make a point of it to support smaller suppliers with whatever they buy. This can be the wood or even where they buy screws. In their own little way, they are trying to make a difference.

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