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Complete Guide to 8 Best Activities in Dubai for Family

Complete Guide to 8 Best Activities in Dubai for Family

Dubai is no less than heaven for tourists and those already living there. Visiting Dubai can be very exciting and fun but, at the same time, challenging. With so many options, choosing the most enjoyable place might become difficult.

Besides visiting the deserts and beaches with children, Dubai offers even more. It has countless indoor and attractive outdoor places that are hard to explain here. However, we will try to cover the most beautiful places you can enjoy with your family.

Continue reading below to find out the top 10 most exciting activities in Dubai for families. So, don’t forget to try them all to make visiting Dubai the most memorable.

Attractions in Dubai for Families

There are a lot of places that can easily grab the attraction of families in Dubai. To name, LEGOLAND Water Park can be a good option, especially if you are with kids.

Located at Dubai Parks and Resorts, it offers excellent excitement for your kid between 2-12 years of age with its rides and water slides. We can rate this place as one of the best LEGO theme parks.

Ski Dubai can be an excellent option. We think it can be an excellent choice among all places to visit with family, especially indoors.

Designed intelligently in a desert, it offers skiing and snowboarding, or you can play with snow penguins too. Dubai creek is the finest and oldest place you can visit for the ultimate enjoyment with family. Dhow cruise can be the most attractive area that is a must-try for all tourists.

However, we cannot list all these attraction points here in a few words as there are countless attraction points for families.

Family Activities in Dubai

Dubai has countless attraction points that are all hard to share here. However, if you are visiting Dubai with family, we think Dubai Fountain can be a good point of the visit. The fountain has a top speed of 500 feet high, dancing waves of water showcased by a 500-storied building. It even gives a beautiful view of the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake.

Next, you can visit Dubai Miracle Garden to experience the most beautiful sight of natural flowers. We recommend you visit this park as it has all the basic facilities you can look for when with your family.

You may even visit Dubai Garden Glow if you want a floral garden with the most aromatic natural flowers. Miracle Garden is a one-of-a-kind display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination in the region and worldwide.

1. Hit the Beach

Dubai has many beaches that everyone must visit, whether they are beach lovers or not. Of course, there are a large number of private beaches that offer luxurious residential living. However, the Dubai administration has allotted a lot of public beaches too.

Although all these beaches are artificial, they don’t lack the basic facilities or are any less when it comes to enjoying with family. Kite Beach, for instance, can give you a unique experience you may not find back in your homeland.

The high summer temperature in Dubai will surely urge you to go to a beach. However, the busiest time of year is during winter. People all over the world visit not only the beaches but also dine-in.

All basic facilities are available, like clean washrooms, changing rooms, lifeguards, and showers. Some even offer free Wi-Fi facilities paired with solar-powered charging panels. We suggest you visit these public or private beaches whether you are a fan of beaches or not.

2. Ride a Camel

Who doesn’t love a friendly camel ride which most Arab countries are famous for? Regardless of your life age, we think skipping on a camel ride will be regrettable.

 Whether with family or visiting alone, you must choose a camel trek if you plan to go for a desert side. However, if you are with very small children, try not to go for a long ride on a camel.

Camel rides are suitable for children above 4-5 years of age. It can be the most adventurous experience for your kids that they may not find elsewhere.

Furthermore, riding an animal is a different experience, as quite a few animals offer a friendly ride. Therefore, Camel is one unique experience you and your family must go through when visiting Dubai.

3. Visit Dubai Museum

Museums can be boring for family visits, especially with kids. However, Dubai museums are one of a kind that offers the view of historical items in the most entertaining way. Therefore, those who wish to explore the history of Dubai must visit the Dubai museum.

The visit can help you learn quite a lot about the Middle East's past times living standards, traditions and culture.

The museum was built in 1787 at the old Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building. The visit to the museum only requires 45-50 minutes to keep your kids entertained.

To enhance your lifetime experience, you can take a bus to reach here. It can help you to take a view of the historical route that leads you here. Dubai museum promises to give you more than you can imagine if you have a genuine appetite for digging into history.

4. Go on a 44 Desert Safari

For kids and even adults taking a safari ride is very dreamful and exciting at the same time, and that is why it shouldn’t be. We recommend riding a 4*4 in Desert Safari might not be suitable for kids; therefore, kids should best avoid it.

Even faint-hearted people may not be well able to handle the thrilling fun of dessert rides and should best avoid it. However, going on a Dubai desert safari can well pay off the cost of visiting Dubai, as its excitement level is exceptional.

You will enjoy the ride at a level where you might become sick of normal car rides afterward. The adrenaline rush will be memorable, and you will want to experience it again and again. The ride is rough; therefore, you must follow all the safety precautions.

5. Watch a Traditional Tanoura Dance Performance

The traditional Tanoura dance is loveable for people of all ages. Missing it can be regretful as it’s one of those things that can make you learn something about Middle East traditions.

The dance is of traditional Egyptian folk performed by Sufi festival men from Egypt. However, it has become equally popular among Dubai people for its high entertainment. The dancers wear colorful long skirts and whirl around while doing various tricks.

It even offers traditional belly dance by women, which is also very entertaining. But if you ask us, the Tanoura dance is most delightfully fun. The dance is easily available at Dinner Cruise and Dhow dinner cruise at Dubai Marina. 

6. Taste Local Food and Drinks

For food lovers, Dubai is heaven on earth. With rich diversity in the country, Dubai offers a lot of different foods from countries all over the world. Arab, European, Continental, Chinese, and Indian food will be available.

Especially local foods and drinks, which are mostly non-alcoholic, are surprisingly great. So, if you plan to stroll on the City walk or Downtown Dubai areas, you can get enough famous local foods and drinks and a tasteful restaurant experience.

It can get boring to be dining every time in those countless expensive fancy hotels. We suggest you go out every night to different local restaurants in Dubai. This will enhance your local foods and drink tasting for a lifetime unforgettable experience. These restaurants are relatively cheap, and your kids will love the fresh Arabic bread and fruits or smoothies these restaurants serve.

7. Go Ice Skating or Skiing in Summer

Something you might not experience elsewhere is Ice skating in Dubai during summer. At the Mall of Emirates, you will find the most beautiful artificial Ice skating and skiing experience.

The most visited place for a family where you need not bring any skiing equipment but can rather rent it.

Those living in colder areas might only enjoy a little there. If you are from colder regions and are visiting Dubai to escape the winter season, you may not benefit much. However, your kids may still enjoy ice skating and skiing due to the colorful and artificial environment most kids find appealing.

8. Get Turkish Ice Cream

Many special places in Dubai offer one of the best Ice creams worldwide. Especially the most famous Turkish Ice cream that your kids will surely love to eat. You can easily find it at the Walk in Dubai.

The ice cream is easily available in a Turk design small cart type at The Walk. These ice cream carts are so famous that you may even get a video of your kid’s presentation on the internet if you are lucky enough.

So, if you want a fun, good laugh and delicious ice cream simultaneously, visit the Turkish Ice cream cart.

Bonus: Indoor Things to Do in Dubai with Family

There are countless options if you visit Dubai with kids and wonder what places to visit for indoor family activities. Especially the Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Ski Dubai, Burj al Arab, and many more.

These few places, out of many, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, can be the most loveable place that surely your kids won’t forget. They can see different animals and sea life animals like adorable dolphins showcased in the most beautiful way your kids may even refuse to return.

Suppose your kids love to bounce off through walls. Then, you can bring them to Air Maniax as it offers a similar fun experience at their indoor play arena with multi-activity options. 

These places have the finest facilities for shopping, kids & family entertainment, dining, and a simple strolling experience. There are countless indoor places you may visit that we couldn’t mention here.


There are countless other fascinating places like a theme park, Dubai butterfly garden, Dubai fountain, and water parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for families. Unfortunately, it may not be possible for you to visit them all simultaneously due to various personal reasons. However, we suggest seeing the places mentioned above as we promise you won’t be disappointed.

We hope you must have enjoyed reading this article, along with getting information about Dubai before planning a trip. If you are looking to more activities and ideas you can do with your kids at home make sure to check out our full collection of educational kids toys or explore games and puzzles we have in our offer. 

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